Aquatic pyramidsAquatic Pyramids produces artificial reefs, not on the scale of the Great Barrier Reef, but small and modular in style than can be clustered together to suit individual locations such as under jetties.

The benefits of this design are many:

  1. as a fish habitat
  2. as a host for marine vegetation
  3. to assist with minimising tidal energy against larger boats cruisers on moored at jetties and marinas
  4. to assist with minimising land erosion where appropriate

The style and design has proved successful and has been analysed and supported by Newcastle University engineering faculty.

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The final design is an irregular tetrahedron (or a hollow three sided pyramid) that has appropriate sized holes in the walls for fish entry and safe haven.

The structures have no metal reinforcement or metal components and is constructed from marine grade materials with inclusions to support longevity in a salt water environment.

Our next direction is to assist with the limiting of salt water splash and wash coming over existing sea walls. This design will, we believe, return most, if not all,of the water back on itself and not bring the debris and seaweed/seagrass up onto the land or at least minimise this influence.

All our products are of marine grade quality.

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