Marine Life

Natural reefs act as barriers by dissipating the energy of water currents providing shelter to marine life as well as to coast lines and any other structures in the water. Artificial reefs are created by strategically placing structures underwater to achieve any of the desired benefits that come with naturally occurring reefs.

"Marine Pyramids - Flow modification effects or artificial reef modules situated under a jetty" by George Wakeham, The University of Newcastle. May 2013.

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The Solution

Aquatic Pyramids

Marine lifeThe pyramid structures are internally hollow therefore enabling marine life to shelter within. The holes in the side walls can be varied in number and size according to the environment and client requirement. At the base of each wall is a void to assist with flushing within to minimise sediment and debris build up. Also involved in the circulation of internal water is an opening at the top to also assist with internal water movement.

The pyramid structures are made of material that is a suitable host for vegetation which in turn will support the marine life utilising the structure.